An Open Letter to my “Not-Yet” Friend

Dear Friend,

Can I call you that? I’m not sure. We’re not really friends yet. Maybe we haven’t even met. Or maybe we have. Maybe we sat at the same table at a young professional networking event and struck up a stilted conversation for 10 or so minutes before the speaker began the program.

Maybe we learned that we both grew up in suburbs – you on the northern fringe of Chicago while I was straight west. Maybe we learned where we work now and what we studied in school. Then that awkward pause came, the one that inevitably follows reaching the end of the list of appropriate small talk questions. Then the speaker started.

After he finished, one of your friends from church came up on your left-hand side and you dove deep into conversation about the difficulties your brother is facing in school right now. I remained, standing to your right, outside of this intimate conversation, unsure how to enter in, unsure if I should stay nearby hoping to continue our conversation from before. Hoping to get a chance to become friends.

After a few minutes I snuck away, not even sure if I should interrupt to say goodbye and nice to meet you and let’s talk again some time, I think we could be good friends. (Who says that? Too bold. Yet, I often want to.) With that you became another person I want to be friends with. But we’re not. Not yet.

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Things I Would Do If I Had More Time

  1. Write blog posts.
  2. Just write. And luxuriate in it.
  3. Paint my nails. (And watch Gilmore Girls.)
  4. Embroider. (And watch Gilmore Girls.)
  5. DIY Home Projects:
    1. Kitchen utensil storage
    2. Paint my vanity
    3. Hang things in my room
    4. Cart for the kitchen?
    5. Bookshelf for my room?
  6. Cook lovely meals and bake things.
  7. Read good books. Sit & drink tea & read good books.
  8. Write letters to people I love.
  9. Pray more.
  10. Memorize Shakespeare (just for fun).
  11. Figure out how investing works.