Yes’s and No’s

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Things this blog is:

    1. A place to work things out.
    2. A place to remember little moments. Big moments too.
    3. A place to share the things I find delight in.
    4. A tiny corner of my inner life (pretentious, I know).
    5. My rehearsals as a writer.
    6. An intersection of everyday life and theology and being a woman and food. There will definitely be thoughts about food.
    7. Honest. (If not, call me out on it.)
    8. Imperfect (ideas, format, grammar and more!).
    9. A conversation.

Things this blog is not:

  1. A finished product.
  2. A polished writing sample.
  3. Neat and tidy.
  4. Political (Lord save us).
  5. Any type of authority. Especially in the theology department.


But come, and read. It’s not that bad.


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